The Awesome Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River

A proof that difficult roads leads to beautiful destinations… 😉 ❤ 


Success!!! At the gorgeous and famous summit of Mt. Daraitan


The alluring waters of Tinipak River

Mt. Daraitan, standing at 2,000+ MASL, is located at Brgy. Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal, Philippines. This epic mountain has stunning rock formations on its summit. Despite the challenging climb, the breathtaking views of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and nearby mountains on its summit is surely worthy of all your efforts. Tinipak River, also located in Brgy. Daraitan, awaits as you trek down Mt. Daraitan to witness her fresh, clear, running water and white mineral rock formations.

Going to Daraitan, Tanay is pretty much easy and will only take around two-three hours away from Manila. So this is the route that my friends took on the way to Daraitan. I researched the following maps and routes in the ever helpful GOOGLE MAPS 🙂

Makati – Cubao – Cogeo – Tanay – Daraitan Route

My friends left from Makati ‪at around 4 a.m.‬, for we all wanted to start the climb very early. I believe that the best time to climb Mt. Daraitan is in the early hours of the morning, at around 7 a.m or ‪8 a.m.‬ Our tour guide told us that the average climb to its peak takes ‪around 3-4‬ hours, and the same goes with descending the mountain.

So with that said, how did our climb go?
Before our climb, we checked out the difficulty level of Mt. Daraitan at a famous mountaineering website,
“Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2.5-4 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 1-3
Features: Tropical forest, limestone formations, river trek”
*As for beginner climbers, I suggest that they climb with more experienced climbers with them, to coach and help them in their pacing.*

The climb to Daraitan is a continuous uphill of steep, rocky paths. Along the trail, however, there were some helpful, huge rocks, long and strong-stemmed trees, and wooden handle bars which we can hold onto as we push ourselves up the mountain.  I am thankful indeed for those “support systems” besides from the encouragement and enthusiasm coming from my friends. The struggle was real and we have encountered slippery rocks and soil, vertical climbing and gasping for air as we lift ourselves in really steep paths.


On our experience, it was good though because we have not experienced a crowdy way up and a rainy weather. As I remember we were only four (4) groups climbing together at the same time. But since Mt. Daraitan has been gaining the attention of many adventurers all over the country, prepare and expect that in your possible day of climbing here, you may climb with a lot of people. People have different pacing in their climbs, thus, “trek” traffic may occur.
The way to the summit has three (3) stations where you can stop over for a rest. Me and my friends were so joyful at each station we finished, and even teased “Wow, Station no. __ na ako! Kinaya ko! Hahaha” 🙂 On the first station, we enjoyed a magnificent view in front of us while sitting on huge rocks. We regained our strength there as we foresee our accomplishment in this beautiful mountain –  if we can see such beauty at this height, what more can we see at the mountain top?
Another thing we also noticed in the first station is a cave-like structure where you can find more of architectural beauties of nature, I guess? 🙂

It’s a continuous challenge trekking between the stations and what kept us motivated was the thought of reaching the next station, and of course, landing on Daraitan’s summit. Despite our haggard look and tiredness, appreciating the untouched beauty of nature around us should not be overlooked. There are eye-catching, giant trees that may be a thousand years old around the place and beautiful unique mountain flowers. The natural habitat of this place is really awesome and can be an inspiration to a CITYzen living most of the time in rural areas. A time with nature is surely, nakaka-miss 😉



I proclaimed this flower as the “Cherry Blossom” of Daraitan 😛

The second station of Mt. Daraitan is perfect for overnight campings. The place is more spacious than the first station and here, you can pitch your tents if you will be staying overnight. We walked a little more and stopped over a place where we can eat. There are wooden tables and chairs present and vendors who were selling instant snacks and drinks to replenish the climbers’ energy.


After eating our snacks for a while, we continued our trek for 15 minutes and there it was – the third station. Excitement increased as we reached the third station. We moved speedily despite high steps and rocky paths. After all what we have been through, we’re about to stand tall and witness the spectacular  summit of Mt. Daraitan!


The summit is waaaaaaaay better than I expected. A beautiful forest at the summit plus, gorgeous rock formations? Definitely amazing! And since I love photography, I’ll be pretty busy around taking pictures of the perfect angles of this place!


We entered the summit, and we’re like “WOW!!!!”


The trees didn’t look dried at all. They’re still green and still flourishing. I guess nature really takes care of itself. 😉


The beautiful view at the summit 🙂 Just wow!


There she is. 🙂

An even more exciting idea, you can stand (and strike a pose 😉 ) on the rock formations to give you a better spot of the amazing views of the mountainous regions.


Behind me is the famous Sierra Madre Mountain Range

Be careful with your steps though while standing on these rock formations. Standing on an edge and one slight trip could get you falling who knows where. Just kidding. I just want to emphasize “prioritizing one’s safety” while taking blog-worthy, incredible pictures and selfies.

Confidently at the tip!

What’s more important is the moment you are physically present in these places. The moment you felt your weariness fade (even for a short while) just taking a moment of appreciation for nature up there and embracing this awesome achievement in your lifetime. Pictures are just proof (and an awesome, creative documentation) of an adventure story you can share to future generations.

If it’s difficult, find the beauty that made you pursue that goal.

We really took our time to relax and renew our energy up there. After all, we will be going a long way down to see the next majestic thing in this place that our eyes will meet – the Tinipak River.


We couldn’t get enough of rock formations in one day!
Blue. Clear. Fresh. Running. Water.

Big. Gorgeous. Artistic. White. Cream-colored. Rock formations.
We have reached the Tinipak Camping Ground in almost four hours. The camping ground is really spacious and there are lots of kubos you can rent if you want to stay overnight. Carinderias serving delicious, local meals and sari-sari stores are also found there.
Trekking to the river coming from the camping ground took us about 30 minutes. And yes, Tinipak is beautiful from near and far. 🙂
We are in constant awe as we trek to the Tinipak Cave and River. The overall place looks magical. As we took a dip, the waters are cold, clear and fresh. We’re so excited to swim! A bonus sight of super gorgeous rock formations also satisfied us in our stay there. As for me, I’m super *busy,busy,busy* with my Tinipak Photography 101. 😉

Who says creamy white is for coffee only? Haha rocks prove they’re as creamy white as they want to be too! 🙂



Nature’s Natural Graffiti


Rock Formations

I can’t believe I’m on this side of the earth! The place is just so mesmerizing.

We enjoyed our stay in the place as we take a plunge, appreciate the view and thank God for this beautiful place. Beautiful and relaxing, just what you need after a long day. 🙂

Daraitan has been generous to us in showing off her beauty. What do you think of this place? Are you now planning to explore her? Well, here’s the tourism page of Daraitan I’m sure will help you. Go and explore! She won’t disappoint you. 😉

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